Please note that visitors are not allowed at the site. I got special permission to access the complex from the owner for research purposes. I was told to stay 100 feet back from the buildings due to their deteriorated conditions.  Today’s field visit was to Kingston Springs, thirty minutes west of Nashville. I went to document […]

The question of the day – honestly the question I wrestle with most days – is what makes historic hotels historic? Is it enough that they simply proclaim themselves to be historic or is certification by an outside body necessary? Is it their age? Is it their condition and integrity? It is how aesthetically pleasing they […]

If you were to run into me and ask how I am doing the response would be “awesome but tired.” Why? Over the last week, I got to explore three new towns – Dickson, Kingston Springs, and Lynchburg – in addition to attending heritage development meetings in some other communities. On Wednesday, I had a delightful day in Lynchburg which […]

Located 40 miles west of Nashville, the Clement Railroad Hotel Museum in Dickson is well worth a visit. It is both a state historic site as well as the only    operational museum housed in a National Register-listed hotel in Tennessee. The interpretative panels place the Halbrook Hotel within the context of the families who owned […]

What do parking lots, newly built houses, Sisken Children’s Institute and a Days Inn in Chattanooga have in common? They all stand where African American hotels and tourist homes in the 1940s once stood. According to the 1949 edition of the Green Book, there were four hotels and four tourist homes in Chattanooga, the largest number […]

Let me begin by giving you the facts. There are approximately 50 hotels and inns on the National Register of Historic Places in Tennessee. (I recently discovered a slew of them within historic districts as well as others whose secondary function was to act as a hotel.) According to my research, the “Colored Hotel” in Union City (approximately 3 […]

Oh what a difference a month makes! Last month, I was speeding around Middle and East Tennessee in jeans and cowboy boots armed with a notebook and a camera conducting tons of fieldwork. Now, most days I can be found at my desk at the Department of Tourist Development in downtown Nashville garbed in a […]