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Welcome to Ginna Foster Cannon’s online portfolio.

I am a PhD candidate in Public History at Middle Tennessee State University (expected graduation May 2016) and graduate research assistant at MTSU Center for Historic Preservation. I spent the last year doing my professional residency at the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. While the residency is complete, I will remain with the department as I write my dissertation, “Image, Reality, and Modern Heritage Marketing: What Makes Historic Hotels Historic.” My degrees include a BA in History and Literature from Harvard University, a MBA in Marketing and Management from Columbia Business School, and a MLAS from Vanderbilt University. I reside in Nashville with my husband Mark, daughter Lolly and a handful of affectionate dogs. Please feel free to leave comments or contact me offline at vfc2a@mtmail.mtsu.edu.

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  1. Sam Wharton · · Reply


    I work for Heritage Consulting Group and, principally, help them on window issues. We have been engaged by the developers to help them through the Tax Credit process. We have yet to make a site visit. In an effort to get a preliminary read on the fenestration, I am hoping that you might be able to tell me if the upper floor double hung windows are replacements. Most photos on the web blur out when I zoom closer in Photoshop. My gut tells me that the octagonal windows are original, but that the upper floor double hungs may have been replaced with aluminum. The brick mold appears to be too clunky an too far forward in the opening, and the lower sash lift rail semms to be too wimpy to be original. Can you help?

    Sam Wharton


  2. Sam, thank you for your interest. Can you tell me which property you are referring to in your comment? I am happy to discuss it further offline (vfc2a@mtmail.mtsu.edu) and share full resolutions photos from my fieldwork. Look forward to connecting with you.



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