January – Renewed & Excited


Back at work at the TN Department of Tourist Development

It’s January 5th. I am renewed and excited to get back to work. I am the first to admit that the first three weeks of December were grim in the Cannon household. My daughter Lolly and I both had strep throat and were sick as dogs. Happily, bolstered by multiple rounds of antibiotics, we were good to go for the holidays. We spent the next week and a half enjoying the beautiful weather in central Florida, Atlanta and Nashville. Thankfully, the joy of a 5 year old is also contagious. My heart is smiling.


Lolly at Disney

I spent the morning revising a post for Southern Rambles, the Center for Historic Preservation at MTSU’s blog. It reminded me how much I love writing in blog format. There is something about the informality of the format  and ability to link words with images that frees me up. Writing is fun again. Writing is enjoyable again.Writing is stimulating again. I had forgotten that it could be after slogging away on my dissertation month and after month. Here’s to jumping into the dissertation process with renewed joy & excitement. I look forward to sharing the journey with you and welcome your thoughts and comments.


Jump in!


  1. Susan Lentz · · Reply

    Wonderful post, Ginna! Thanks so much for including me and have a grand 2016!


  2. This is so wonderful to hear! So excited with you!!!


  3. Bonnie Spear · · Reply

    Yeah! May the remainder of this journey continue to be joyful!


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