Monthly Archives: March 2015

Mapping: A New Frontier and Exercise in Frustration

Today’s adventure in Public History was trying to learn how to do online mapping. I am sure that this will be a great story one day but right now I am just frustrated. After numerous google searches for “create online maps”, I decided to try Mapquest’s version. It appeared to be cheap and cheerful — i.e. free and easy to […]

NR-Listed Hotels in Tennessee

Curious about National Register-listed hotels in Tennessee? See the tab “Hotels” for photos of the properties and find out their current function. You can also click this link.

Milestone: Preliminary Fieldwork Nears Completion

By Friday afternoon, I will have visited thirty of the thirty-one National Register-listed hotels and inns across Tennessee. This is a major and hard-won milestone. Mileage for the first three weeks of March alone will be around 1,500 miles. I am pleased, proud, and exhausted in equal parts. Again, I give thanks for a fuel efficient diesel […]

“Endangered” as New Criteria?

The question of the day is whether “endangered” should be added as a criteria for what makes a historic hotel historic in the state of Tennessee? Yes, I am being flip but unfortunately the question has more merit than I wish it had. Of the thirty-one National Register-listed properties included in my study, eight of them have or […]

Kingston Springs: Hotel and Buildings Complex

Please note that visitors are not allowed at the site. I got special permission to access the complex from the owner for research purposes. I was told to stay 100 feet back from the buildings due to their deteriorated conditions.  Today’s field visit was to Kingston Springs, thirty minutes west of Nashville. I went to document […]